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Mrs. Tope Egbetokun

Mrs. Egbetokun is a business and Social Media Strategist, Public Speaker, Mentor, Facilitator, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate. She is a savvy business entrepreneur with passion for business, technology, social media, ICT, entrepreneurship and joint-ventures. She has educational background in Computer Information System and various diplomas in business. She has leads and collaborates with professional teams both locally and globally to execute various project in a timely manner among which are Global VA Week-Africa, OIVAC, African Virtual Assistants Network (African VA), Global Entrepreneurship Week, The British School of Project Management, etc. Mrs. Tope Egbetokun actively seeks and establishes business relationship with global companies who want to have a business presence in Africa. She is the CEO of ‘Business Without Boundaries’, a business management and consulting company providing leadership to help jump-start companies, grow established business and help to reinvent and transform every aspect of business development. She is championing entrepreneurship development and social media education for youth career development and women empowerment in Africa.

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